Increase your turnover with Predictive Maintenance

The best advice on maintenance for both you and your customers

Elevate your service and sales with Predictive Maintenance by WESP. Predictive Maintenance combines knowledge from your DMS data, WESP’s data and manufacturer data from your clients car into one organised report. By using Predictive Maintenance you will automatically receive separate reports for each order on a daily basis, without taking any of your time. Increase your service quality with Predictive Maintenance whilst decreasing time spent on work preparation. Increase your sales by not postponing any necessary maintenance and substantiate your service with the Predictive Maintenance report.

Predictive maintenance’s advantages:

  • Increased turnover with less time spent on order preparation
  • Work more efficiently and increase your sales
  • Data-based quality maintenance advice
  • Easily justify necessary (safety) maintenance
  • Increase customer satisfaction by being more transparent

Tailor-made maintenance advice for each car

Like no other, you know that each car has its own maintenance interval. Decrease your preparation time and increase your sales with Predictive Maintenance. You are sure to fully service your customers with an accurate maintenance estimate. At the same time, you are minimising time spent on preparing each order. With Predictive Maintenance you receive a daily report in PDF format per order in your mail.

Predictive Maintenance in your independent workshop?

Register with us for more information on our automatically generated report on your clients car.

Get to work with Predictive Maintenance

Receive your PM reports in PDF format for the next day, which each planned maintenance detailed to the tee. All vehicle information and maintenance history and manufacturer data at your disposal, at a single glance. Predictive Maintenance enables you to obtain a qualitative maintenance report within no time and improve your service quality.

What does Predictive Maintenance cost you?

For only 30€ a month, PM will help you with your order preparations, saving time and increasing sales.  Charges for installation are a one-off 150€


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