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Send a personal message at the right moment

Every company has to deal with losing customers. However, due to acquiring new customers, the loss of existing ones is not always immediately noticeable.  Holding on to existing customers is essential for the long-term continuity of your company. Every customer that you lose, inevitably costs you €500,-. These customers are actually easy to get back, by sending a personalised message just at the right time when their car requires maintenance. Sounds like a lot of work? With the mail service from WESP you won’t have to give it a second thought.

Wesp WespMail

How does it work?

WESPMail uses data from you garage package to send targeted messages to your customers at the right time, based on their maintenance history.

Our system makes weekly checks on license plates to see which car and type of maintenance is require. The owner automatically receives a personalised message alerting them to take action. Actions such as, servicing the air-conditioning unit, changing from summer to winter tires or replacing brake fluid.

The name of the customer is always present in the preamble of the message, so the receiver feels personally spoken to. This extra service is appreciated by customers and increases the likelihood that they will come to you for the service you’ve suggested. You can choose whether you want to send messages by letter, email or SMS. Everything and anything is possible!

Once the system is installed you will not have to lift a finger. WESPMail searches the appropriate data and automatically sends the correct message to the right customer. Meaning you are able to fully focus on the maintenance of cars while your regular clientele expands.

WESPMail ensures that:

  • You do not have to look at mailing customers
  • You can count on having more returning customers
  • Your customers become more committed
  • Sales will increase

The benefits of WESPMail

  • Send automatic mailings based on historic data

  • One-time or continuous mailings

  • Choose from email, letter or a text message

  • Take into account ongoing planning

  • Checks data multiple times to prevent errors and annoyances

  • Your own logo and data on the mail and letter

  • One-time and simple settings

  • Low fixed monthly charges of € 75, – excluding VAT

  • Billing of variable costs afterwards

The first mailing within weeks?

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