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About WESP

Bas Wintjes and Onno Kuiper founded WESP in 2012. However, the first steps were made in 2010, when Bas began analysing the garages which he owned. He was not satisfied with the Dealer Management System he was using, so decided to create his own system software. Once made aware of his software, other garages soon came knocking on the door, and the ball started rolling.

Biggest automotive Business Intelligence (BI) supplier

With the extra knowledge and experience that Onno brought in, WESP really began flying. Bas and Onno had already known each other for many years having previously worked together at Pon’s Automobielhandel. Wesp has grown to become the biggest BI supplier in the automotive industry, offering dashboards to garages, wholesalers and importers among others within the industry. WESP has recently taken its first steps into the German market, partnering with Cologne based RLE.

WESP Employees

  • Onno Kuiper
    Onno Kuiper Manager
    • Bas Wintjes
      Bas Wintjes Manager
      • Ruud Goettsch
        Ruud Goettsch Consultant
        • Robert Horsman
          Robert Horsman Consultant
          • Gijs ter Bruggen
            Gijs ter Bruggen Consultant
            • Wido Dijkmans
              Wido Dijkmans Consultant
              • Jeroen Kraan
                Jeroen Kraan Consultant
                • Henny Deden
                  Henny Deden Consultant
                  • Dirk Althuizen
                    Dirk Althuizen Consultant
                    • Ad Vane
                      Ad Vane Consultant
                      • Theo van Bergen
                        Theo van Bergen Consultant
                        • Marcel Moonen
                          Marcel Moonen Consultant
                          • Rob Collé
                            Rob Collé Consultant
                            • Berend van Zoest
                              Berend van Zoest Consultant
                              • Marcel Egels
                                Marcel Egels Consultant
                                • Rick Gerrits
                                  Rick Gerrits Consultant
                                  • Dietmar Viesel
                                    Dietmar Viesel Consultant Germany
                                    • Michael Quack
                                      Michael Quack Consultant Germany
                                      • Peter Schmitz
                                        Peter Schmitz Consultant Germany
                                        • Tim Fleuren
                                          Tim Fleuren Manager Business Solutions
                                          • Matyas Eleveld
                                            Matyas Eleveld Manager of Operations
                                            • Sandeep Hamelink
                                              Sandeep Hamelink Development
                                              • Tjeerd Wieberdink
                                                Tjeerd Wieberdink Development
                                                • Mike Cleven
                                                  Mike Cleven Development
                                                  • Jürgen Offermans
                                                    Jürgen Offermans Finance
                                                    • Yvonne van der Pasch
                                                      Yvonne van der Pasch Finance
                                                      • Majid Modirzadeh
                                                        Majid Modirzadeh ICT
                                                        • All employees
                                                          All employees WESP

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