Optimize your
product portfolio for the IAM

WESP offers a data-driven solution for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of electric, hybrid, and ADAS products to optimize their product portfolio. With our unique datasheet, we provide historical retail sales data on replacement parts per product group, allowing you to analyze trends, predict failures, and improve your inventory and sales strategies.

Curious about the type of data you can expect?

Make informed
data-driven decisions

  • Get insights into failure rates, replacement patterns, and market behavior of electric, hybrid, and ADAS products over the past four years
  • Discover new product groups that have no TecDoc genart yet
  • Focus on relevant product groups, such as adaptive cruise control, onboard charger, HVAC elements, electric motors, sensors and charging cables
  • Improve your engineering
  • Improve your sales potential by keeping the right inventory
  • Make informed decisions about your product development, inventory management, and sales strategy based on accurate and up-to-date data

How does it work?

  • In-depth understanding
  • Comprehensive guidance
  • Valuable datasheet
  • Personalized consultation

Who we are

WESP developed unique business intelligence tools to collect, clean, standardize and enrich retail market data for the independent aftermarket (IAM). Our software applications transform heterogeneous retail data into harmonized market information conform industry standards to provide business insights, benchmarks and data driven decision making.

Through a network of over 2100 European workshops WESP continuously collects after sales market data. We receive repair information from workshops every week containing parts and labour information out of more than 40 million invoices.

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