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Are you a European parts supplier or manufacturer looking for a way to streamline your inventory management and maximise your sales potential? Then explore our Fact Based Replacement Rate & Total Market Calculation datasheet!

Fact-based Total Market Calculation

How does it work?

The fact-based replacement rate (FBRR) for the independent aftermarket quantifies the percentage of cars having parts replaced per part group based on actual workshop invoices. It provides insights into replacement part demand and informs category strategies, inventory management, marketing, and sales strategies, reflecting the demand for replacement parts in real-world scenarios.

We can use the FBRR to calculate the market size of a specific region.
Total Market Calculation = (Number of Parts Sold in Retail / Number of Cars in Workshop with Vehicle Fit) * Vehicles in Operation (VIO)

Machine learning technologies are used to correct the dataset for variables such as the age of the car park, the number of vehicles in operation (VIO), and factors like mileage, GDP, road conditions, and temperature. These adjustments ensure that the FBRR data is more accurate and representative.

Delivering the output data based on OE-numbers and K-type allows for easy cross-referencing of product portfolios and evaluation of performance and to calculate market potential.

The Benefits

Here is what you can do with Total Market Calculation:

  • Calculate market share
  • Optimise inventory levels
  • Maximise sales potential
  • Focus on product development

Tailored to local differences

We understand that there are significant differences in various regions, such as car brands, driving conditions, and weather. Our data helps you determine where to place your inventory focus for specific parts and which expansions of your product portfolio could be lucrative.

Data driven decision making

Through our deep dive data technology, we can classify workshop invoice information into standardised parts groups. In the past, WESP only used this data to help improve the performance of individual workshops. However, aggregated data from workshops is also interesting to analyse and purchasing loyalty of your franchisees is becoming increasingly important.

Let’s talk

Contact us today and give your distribution business a competitive edge with WESP’s Fact Based Replacement Rate & Total Market Calculation datasheet! But let’s start with getting to know each other, and discover where there is potential for your business.

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