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You work hard to meet the demands of your customers. But, do you always receive what your hard work deserves? Do you know that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money to increase sales and improve the service given to your customers? WESP is here to help.

How does it work?

Your own unique automation package contains a vast amount of important information for you. But what exactly can you do with it? With our smart analysis software, we collect all the most relevant information from your system. This information is priceless as it lets you see exactly how and where you could extract more from your company. Giving insights into the value of each employee or highlighting the most and least sold parts, enables you to see where there is room for improvement. Not only that, you will see (anonymously) how your garage compares to others. If, for example, our software shows that you are selling a lot less tyres or batteries than your competitors, you will know exactly which area should be targeted for improvement.

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You will receive weekly updates containing an overview of all this invaluable information and you can instantly see the results of any changes you’ve previously made.

To make is easy for you, a WESP advisor is personally on hand to help. Together, you will look at all the information and your advisor will let you know what steps to take in order to implement positive changes, leading to increases in productivity. The process improvements made, combined with the correct coordination of mechanics, could dramatically increase your revenue. Your investment in WESP guarantees you a better return.

Sample reports

Annual report

Wesp Rapportage PDF
Wesp Werkplaats Dashboard

Weekly report call list

Wesp Rapportage PDF

Weekly report clocking ytd

Wesp Rapportage PDF

Weekly report clocking per mechanic per day

Wesp Rapportage PDF

Weekly report summary

Wesp Rapportage PDF

This is what WESP can do for you:

  • Weekly insights into your performance
  • Help with improving your performance
  • Spotting and exploiting market opportunities

Your data is safe with WESP

We do not need to view any of your accounts. With your permission, we will transfer only the relevant data from your system to ours. The rest works itself out. Your details are completely safe with us and will be treated confidentially.

We can connect with the following systems:
  • Abis KFZ
  • Autoflex
  • Autoflex Online
  • Autoline
  • Automaat
  • Carfac
  • CarIT
  • Carsoft
  • Carsys
  • CentroFaktura
  • Delta/W Garage
  • Driver
  • Easy-Work
  • E-sowa
  • EVA
  • Gaston
  • GrandPrix
  • I-Car
  • Incadea
  • Integra
  • KFZwin
  • Loco-Soft
  • NETIXCloud
  • Nextlane
  • Profi Werkstatt / beracom
  • Repdoc
  • SFK
  • VCS
  • WACSonline
  • Werbas
  • Wincar

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