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Wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of cars and car-parts have a difficult task. Without the right information about the aftermarket, they are blind. The more up-to-date, frequent and detailed the market information is, the better steered the company will be. But is static market research still the best instrument for gathering this valuable information? No, it isn’t. Big data is.

Every answer leads to new questions

For decades, market research agencies have given the same responses to queries regarding aftersales market information; Automotive companies ask a question, then a static, regurgitated response is given. Although it was useful in the past and it may provide useful insights, more often than not, the answers raise further questions which then require additional research.

The car brand names below are scrambled 

Data from 16+ million invoices

With help from our data, which consists of over 16 million invoices from garages, wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of cars and parts can carry out exhaustive analysis from many different angles.

Data can be filtered by:

  • Time-period
  • Per car brand
  • Per type of car
  • Per specific part or parts-group
  • Part brand
  • All K-type cars
  • And hundreds of other combinations!

For manufacturers of specific parts, insights into their own part-group (GenArt) is possible. Questions such as “What is the replacement rate of a fuel filter?” can be instantly answered using this data. What’s the replacement rate per year? What about per type of car, or year of first registration? Because of the reliability of the data, queries can be resolved and business processes or production numbers can be directly adjusted, benefiting companies.

From the research by The Loeber Group ‘Reliability, Validity, Representativeness and Sampling – A study of the quality of data collected by WESP and guidelines for future sampling’ the following observation was made: The validity of the data from WESP was high due to invoices being the best representation of the value of cars and parts.

Direct adjustment using real-time insights

WESP helps wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of car parts through insights made from data and focused advice based on these insights. Therefore, we give fact-based consultancy based on data from 16+ millions invoices. Customers receive answers to their questions and can better serve their market. In the Parts Performance Dashboard, it is possible to print a data snapshot.

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