Workshop Dashboard

For all garages

Do you have a garage and would like to:

  • Improve quality
  • Get more out of your mechanics?
  • Hold on to existing customers and create new ones?
  • Increase sales?

Workshop Dashboard

For car dealers

Do you have a car dealer’s workshop and would like to:

  • Increase revenue?
  • Get the most out of your employees
  • Hold on to existing customers and create new ones?
  • Ensure your long-term continuity?

Parts Performance Dashboard

For importers of cars and parts

Are you an importer or wholesaler and would like:

  • Up-to-date detailed market information?
  • To know how you are doing compared to the rest of the market?
  • To know how your prices compare to the rest of the market?
  • To know where the opportunities lie?

Whole Sale Dashboard

For car parts wholesalers

Are you a car parts wholesaler and would like:

  • More insights into your figures?
  • Decisions to be made based on solid information?
  • To know where opportunities lie?
  • To improve returns?

WESP Service Animation

Voor autodealers en universele garagebedrijven

Bent u garagehouder en wilt u:

  • In de taal van de klant kunnen uitleggen welke reparaties of onderhoud u uitvoert
  • Elk aspect van een auto makkelijk kunnen laten zien aan uw klanten
  • Uw klanttevredenheid vergroten en tegelijkertijd tijd besparen
  • Meer sales genereren

Other products


Voor universele garagebedrijven

Automotive Retailers

Voor alle automotive adresgegevens

Direction based on hard data leads to better results. The benchmarking provided by WESP had an immediate and positive impact on our performance.


Theo de Winter | Autobedrijf Theo de Winter

An hour of missed monitoring can quickly cost you dozens of Euros per order. Using WESP analysis we are able to continuously monitor our workshop, effortlessly.


Erwin Toenink | Car Service Toenink

WESP – We Support Performance

WESP (WE Support Performance) is a young and dynamic company. We first began comparing workshops in 2012, and in a short space of time we have grown to become the biggest BI specialist.

What we are good at

WESP can couple diverse data sets from different systems to each other, in order to display a complete and detailed picture of an organisation. We turn this data into understandable information and assist companies with analysis of their real performance.

WESP is recommended by

After Sales Magazine
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