Research: Workshops using WESP generate 8.85% more revenue

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WESP blog research more revenue with WESP

From recent research commissioned by WESP, results show that workshops using services provided by WESP benefit immensely. On average, workshops achieve 8.85% more revenue, have 9.09% more customers and sell more parts per year compared to workshops not using WESP.

onderzoek omzet stijging voor en tijdens wesp

More parts and labour sold

Researchers studied data from 700 garages over a period of 3 years before until 3 years after partnering with WESP, taking their microscope to revenue, parts replacement ratio and many other important garage KPIs. The results were extremely eye-opening. €53.751 more revenue per year (8.85%), an average of €29.884 extra parts sold and €23.867 more labour invoiced.

Key figures

Workshops partnered with WESP achieve the following results:

key figures

Fact-based consultancy works

The results shown above prove the impact system has. Fact-based consultancy is an effective tool for improving workshop performance. Want more info about our solutions, or about the research? Don’t hesitate in contacting us!

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